Treating Your Pet Family Member as a Part of our Family

Bring your pet to our 24/hour Veterinary Hospital located at Exit 5E (168 Main Dunstable Road), Nashua, New Hampshire for excellent veterinary care & 24/hour veterinary emergency care!

If you're looking for a veterinary hospital or general practitioner that you can form a long last relationship and bond, turn to the Animal Hospital of Nashua. We're a 24/hour animal hospital that merges routine veterinary care, 24-hour emergency and specialty care located at Ext 5E (168 Main Dunstable Road) in Nashua, New Hampshire. At our full-service, 24-hour veterinary hospital we not only prioritize complete wellness for your pet but unlike other general practices in the greater Nashua area and beyond, we are also here for you when you and your pet family member needs us the most whether - your pet is sick or injured or needs immediate and life or death emergency veterinary care.

Thanks to our 24-hour emergency veterinarians and support staff, your pet can be seen any time of day and should your pet family member need to spend time in the hospital with us, we provide you, the pet parent, with the absolute peace of mind that our emergency veterinarians and ICU support staff that watch your pet family member around-the-clock with their own eyes. We are further proud of our 24/hour emergency and specialty care because your family veterinarian can work directly with our on-site emergency veterinarians and Board-Certified Specialists. Due to our ability to provide a continuity of care that traverse several different levels of care to include both emergency care, we are able to provide your pet family member with excellent of veterinary care and treat your pet like one of ours. We'll do everything possible to keep your pet healthy, so you can have a long-lasting, fulfilling relationship with your pet family member and their pet health care provider team at the Animal Hospital of Nashua.

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24/Hour Emergency Care
Complete surgical care, routine surgery and orthopedic and soft-tissue surgery
Dental Care & Oral Surgery
Medical Boarding
TrupanionExpress Veterinary Hospital
Figure out how to cover your pet's medical expenses

Of course as a pet-owner, you now have more options than ever before when it comes to choosing the right pet insurance.

We recommend Trupanion Pet Insurance because it covers 90% of the unexpected and unbudgeted for veterinary care and it further supports the veterinarian's recommendation.

Feel free to request a 30 day complimentary Trupanion Pet Insurance Certificate at your next wellness appointment with us. If anything unexpected and unbudgeted for should happen while your pet is on this free trial, Trupanion will cover it.

For more information visit or call or text us: (603)-880-3034.

Learn a little bit more about our exceptional team

Protecting your pet against infectious diseases is our top priority. That's why our experienced team takes the time to stay updated on complicated vaccine protocols. Our doctors will provide the guidance you need to keep your pets safe and healthy.

We take pride in our practice and the high-quality services we've been providing to the region for over 30 years. It takes years of experience to build a program like ours, and we're very proud of our dedicated and caring staff and our modern facilities and equipment. Most importantly, we care about your pet, and we care about you.

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Providing top-notch veterinary care for every pet

No matter what kind of veterinary care your pet needs, you can trust our professional veterinarian to provide it. We offer a wide range of veterinary services at our animal hospital, including:


General Veterinary Care

Sick care | Urgent care


Dental Services

Routine cleaning | Oral surgery


Surgical Referrals

Soft tissue operations | Orthopedics


Exotic Care

Basic exotic care | Exotic pet surgery


Boarding Services

Doggie day care | Medical boarding | General boarding


Surgical Services

Advanced surgical care | Spay and neuters | Mass removals | General surgery


Holistic Treatments

Holistic medicine | Acupuncture | Basic physical therapy

In addition to these services, we provide ultrasounds, radiology, wellness care and diagnostic work like routine bloodwork. You can also count on us for 24-hour emergency care and surgery services. Our vets and staff will keep a close eye on your pet through the night.

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