Welcome to our Practice

We have a fully functional in-house laboratory and radiology service so that there are no delays in conducting blood tests or taking X-Rays and getting the results right away.

If your pet has to be hospitalized- whether for a planned surgery or an unexpected illness or injury-our caring nurses and doctors are ALWAYS on-site looking after your pet.

We treat thousands of pets at our facility each year.

Many of our patients are presented for wellness services; others are treated for an illness or injury requiring medical treatment or surgery by our general practice doctors, emergency doctors or our specialists.

We want to make sure that your pet is protected against infectious disease and today the vaccine protocols have become so complicated that we want our doctors to guide you in what your pet needs to be safe and healthy.

We take pride in our practice and the quality of services we have provided to the region for 30 years. It takes years of experience to build a program such as ours and we are very proud of the dedicated and caring staff and our modern facilities and equipment. Most importantly, we care about your pet- and we care about you.